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It's Really A Free Script Editor?

Yes!  It's not just a trial version, it's a fully functional application program (i.e. no limited trial times and no script length or scene count limits).  Why are we doing this?  Because we are in the business of making productions work, and without a script, there's often no production!

We believe so strongly that the Cinergy Script Editor (CSE) compliments our production management tools that we have decided to make it available to the entertainment community free of charge.  The editor can be installed as standalone script editing program, or you can access it from within the main Cinergy production management system.  The CSE is the easiest way to automatically apply industry standard formatting and pagination rules to your script. 

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Get the Cinergy Script Editor and create scripts that are instantly compatible with all the production management features of Cinergy 5.
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Just because its free doesn't mean you won't have questions. The Cinergy Script editor is supported alongside our flagship production management products.  Chat online with a Mindstar Technical Support representative.  Available on AOL, Yahoo, and MSN instant Messenger systems. >> Details
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An intuitive interface allows you to spend more time focusing on ideas instead of using your energy on properly formatting your pages.  Scripts are automatically formatted for character names, action, dialog and other elements while you write.  Continual software updates are provided via the Cinergy Update Wizard, and require only the click of a few buttons to download and install the latest enhancements.

And when you're ready to go into production, the Cinergy Script Editor is fully compatible with the production management functions of Cinergy 5.   Why use anything else?

System Requirements:
Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP, 233 MHz Pentium or higher, 10-30MB of available hard disk space, Internet access for online updates. Minimum system RAM: 32MB
Macintosh G3, G4 or G5 with Virtual PC.
Pure Macintosh Version (not yet released) will require OS X



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