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Software Registration Instructions
1.  Install the Cinergy software
You must install the Cinergy software before you can begin the registration process.   Insert the CD-ROM, or if you downloaded the software from the web, run CinergySetup.exe.   You must complete the installation before moving on to the next steps.  During the installation, you may be asked to reboot your computer.  Be sure to do that before proceeding with any more steps.   If you did not receive a Cinergy CD-ROM, or have not yet downloaded the trial version, get it here.
2. The installation will be complete when you click the "Finish" button in the install program.
If you are asked to reboot, be sure to do so before continuing.
3.  After installation is complete (and you rebooted, if you were prompted to do so), start Cinergy MPPS
Do this by clicking on Start > Programs > Cinergy > Cinergy MPPS.
When you first start Cinergy, it will be running in Trial Mode.  The remainder of these steps will convert it to a registered copy.    
4. Locate your Installation ID and Serial Number(s)   >> See Example.
The Installation ID is found on Cinergy's Registration screen, and on the Help > About screen. If you made your purchase online, you will not have a serial number yet.   But, if you purchased a boxed version from a retail store, be sure to locate the serial number sheet contained inside your Cinergy software box.
5. Send your Installation ID and Serial Number to Mindstar Technical Support
The Installation ID can by highlighted, and cut & pasted into an email, or into MSN Instant Messenger.  The Installation ID is required, but the serial number is only required if you purchased a boxed version from a retail store.
Email can be sent to [email protected]
MSN Instant Messages can be sent to MSN screen name: [email protected]
6. Check for reply from Mindstar Technical Support
A serial number and license key number for each registered module will be emailed to you within 24 hours, after Technical Support confirms the validity of the Installation ID and Serial Number you sent.
7. Enter your Serial Numbers and License Keys into Cinergy   >> See Example.
Launch the Cinergy software.  If the "Trial Time Remaining" screen appears, click on the button labeled "Register".   If the "Trial Time Remaining" screen did not appear, just click on Special > Register Cinergy Modules in the Cinergy main menubar.   Enter the codes you were sent into the appropriate locations, then click "Register"



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