Mindstar and the Spirit of Aviation

If you've reached this page, you must have been curious enough to click on the link.   You probably use that curiosity and sense of exploration every day at various levels in the motion picture industry, and it's that spirit that drives us here at Mindstar.  We are explorers of technology, of innovation, and of new methods of storytelling.  But more importantly, we believe that the status quo is never enough.   Just like the team at Scaled Composites that successfully designed, built, and flew Space Ship One to its place in history, we believe that there is always a better way to accomplish a task.

Innovation and creative thinking will always be the driving forces that motivate us to create and improve our products, constantly expanding how our technology can benefit the industry we love so much.   Using tools designed in the last millennium to make movies and tell stories is a way of the past.  We strive to always be better, regardless of how many years "another product" has been on the market.   As 2005 approaches, we enter our 10th year serving the motion picture industry, and we have no plans of slowing down.   The release of the Cinergy Script Editor in early 2004 is just another step along our path of continuing to be the provider of the best tools in the world for the motion picture industry.

So where is the connection between the spirit of aviation and our philosophy at Mindstar?  It starts with our president, Stasi Poulos.  An aviation enthusiast for over 35 years and a licensed single-engine and multi-engine instrument rated private pilot, he welcomes shifts in technology and even creates them where needed.  Ask any pilot and they'll tell you that flying an aircraft is an artform as much as it is an exercise in technology.  Much like making a movie, flying an airplane requires confidence, control of your emotions, patience, technical understanding, thinking fast on your feet, and that "thing" that makes creative people different from everyone else. That's the culture we embrace so dearly at Mindstar.  Each of our employees brings another spark to our organization, and nobody's voice ever goes unheard.

So in the spirit of aviation, in the spirit of Space Ship One and the X-Prize, and dare we say in the spirit of Mindstar, go out and create, and let our tools help you along the way.

* Mindstar is not affiliated with the Ansari X-Prize or Scaled Composites.  Learn more about the Ansari X-Prize and Scaled Composites here.