Cohen Communications, HEURIS, Plus 8 and Mindstar Productions Inc.

Announce Digital Dailies Solution for Movies Shot in HD Format.

New solution allows non-linear access to dailies and attached scene-and-take information

including time code, director’s comments, circled takes and more.

New York, NY, July 10, 2002--Plus8Video, the US’ leading source for HD production equipment rental announced today the creation of an integrated production solution for video originated productions. This system bridges the gap between HEURIS and Cohen Communications Digital Dailies solution and HD-originated content. Cohen Communications and HEURIS’ Digital Dailies solution allows HD content to be viewed as MPEG2 on a cost-effective PC: an enhanced version of Panasonic Broadcast’s iDVR-100/200, which utilizes a metadata capture system on set. Plus8Video will now offer a fully integrated digital dailies system that allows all of the features of the HEURIS and Cohen Communications system to be accessible for content that was shot in HD format as opposed to film. Marker Karahanian of Plus8Video comments: "Last year filmmakers questioned the HD picture quality, not workflow. Today after the release of "Attack of The Clones" HD Picture quality is not questioned. We have now addressed workflow with this cost effective and efficient system."

The new solution offered by Plus8Video incorporates an enhanced version of Mindstar Productions’ Cinergy Motion Picture Production System On-Set Module. The Cinergy system integrates important metadata (timecode, director’s comments, location, lens/filters, actors and circled takes) into a program utilized by the Script Supervisor on set. This metadata is immediately accessible by the editor in postproduction, making the post production process easier, faster and ultimately less expensive.

"Interest in our Digital Dailies solution has been very high—especially since it’s successful introduction on the set of The Human Stain," said Brian Quandt, President of HEURIS. "I suspect that more and more productions will follow Lucas’ lead and shoot in HD. I am thrilled that HEURIS in conjunction with Cohen Communications and Plus8Video will be able to offer the same powerful Digital Dailies features to those who choose to shoot in HD as opposed to film."

Plus8Video will package the Cinergy MPPS software with production camera packages, available through their offices in Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver. Plus8Video will also provide a Facilities HD Encoder Package that utilizes metadata from the set to batch digitize clips. This system can also support film-originated content by importing a Telecine-produced ALE file and encoding the Negative Telecine master to a MPEG2 file. The Facilities HD Encoder Package includes a Tandberg HD MPEG2 Encoder and a Mediasonic PC Capture station that creates files on DVD-RAM, Firewire or USB drives. These files are read by Enhanced iDVR systems which utilize the metadata captured on the set by Cinergy MPPS or by the Telecine-created ALE file to playback circled takes or modified playlists. Plus8Video, Cohen Communications and HEURIS will offer turnkey playback systems on location or at the studio for directors, DPs, editors and executives incorporating Plasma screens or video projection screens up to 12 feet wide.

"The responsiveness from Mindstar Productions to our requirements has been fantastic," said Steven Cohen, CEO of Cohen Communications. "Their software will allow video captured projects to screen circled takes and to access unique metadata from production using the Enhanced iDVR HD Servers. I am very happy with the collaboration with Mediasonic. They created a future proof capture station. I am confident that Plus8Video can provide the technical support for the entire system, on set, in the post facility or in the editing room."

Stasi Poulos, President of Mindstar Productions raves about the new system. "When we sent our first batch of data to the Digital Dailies system, it worked perfectly the first time," said Poulos. "We've been exporting to Avid for several years now, but we never get tired of seeing our data migrate easily into new systems. It's a testament to the designers and their attention to detail in both products."


About Plus8Video

Plus8Video offers the most comprehensive rental inventory of High Definition production equipment in the United States. Featuring Sony, Panasonic and Thomson cameras and AVID HD|DS editors, Plus8 is a complete HD source. In the last four years, the company has rented HD equipment for use in numerous TV series, documentaries and feature films including Star Wars Episode II and Minority Report. Plus8 Video maintains offices in Burbank, Vancouver and New York City.   For more information, please call

818-845-6480 or 212-947-9797 or visit

About Cohen Communications

Founded in 1999 by Steven B. Cohen after 12 years at Sony Pictures Studios and over 25 years experience with audio and video technology. Cohen Communications provides technology consulting to entertainment companies and rental systems for remote collaboration, digital recruited screenings and HD dailies screening rooms. Recent projects have included "Men in Black 2", "Human Stain" and "Bulletproof Monk". For more information about Cohen Communications, please call 323-464-1805, or visit

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, HEURIS has served as a leading manufacturer of video compression and processing tools and applications for over a decade. From the Internet, to DVD, to HDTV to Hollywood Movies--HEURIS has developed an impressive group of award-winning tools for video production and post production applications.

Perhaps best known for its award-winning MPEG Power Professional Line of software products, HEURIS has recently released two new products for the Hollywood Market: a Digital Dailies solution developed in conjunction with partner Cohen Communications and MPEG Power Professional—D-Cinema used to encode High Definition pictures for display in movie theaters.

In addition to such major motion picture studios as MGM, HEURIS proudly includes the following as its customers: NASA, Walt Disney, Sea World, Apple Computers, The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Taco Bell Corporation, The Home Depot, AT & T Labs, IBM, Boeing, Vanderbilt University, Boston Museum of Science and the U.S. Military. More information about HEURIS Logic is available at


About Mindstar Productions:
Formed in 1995, Mindstar Productions is a privately held company and Avid Solutions Partner, and is the industry leader of end-to-end production management solutions. Cinergy 2000 provides Just In Time Access (JITA) to film & video production information through application modules that target Scheduling, Budgeting, On The Set, and Post-Production. More information about Mindstar Productions is available at