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About Mindstar Productions

Founded in 1995, Mindstar Productions is a privately held software solutions developer and systems integrator for the motion picture industry.  The flagship product Cinergy Motion Picture Production System has won accolades and support from entertainment industry professionals worldwide who have seen it streamline the production process for feature films, episodic television and sitcoms.  Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer Stasi Poulos, continues to lead the company in new and innovative directions, guided by the philosophy of "Legendary Products, Legendary Service".

Mindstar's software tools are in used in Hollywood and regional studios, television facilities, and by corporate, industrial, and independent producers and filmmakers.   Mindstar's strategic direction is focused on what the management team calls the "Cinergy Concept".  Since the entertainment world consists of numerous technologies and pieces of equipment, cameras, editing systems, and disciplines, the Cinergy Concept is a philosophy of creating tools which link all the systems and all the disciplines into a single secure stream.   Far from the vague promise of the dotcoms of the late 1990's, Mindstar's tools are tangible, product-oriented solutions to the daily challenges faced by every producer of motion media.

Forging strategic alliances with entertainment industry giants such as Avid Technology and Arriflex, and user-sites at major studios and production companies worldwide, Mindstar is focused on the future of production, leading the way for storytellers, filmmakers and producers for generations to come.



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