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Mindstar Partners with Psynapse Technologies
Protect Your Studio Site From Network Intrusion with Checkmate Intrusion Protection System�

Is your studio and production team safe from network intrusion and intellectual property theft? Security is everyone's concern. From a Production Assistant delivering negative to the lab, to the digital audio mastering facility preparing for digital distribution, the security hotspots are numerous. Some of these threats come from inside your organization, and can only be neutralized by careful screening of your staff and crew. Other threats come from the outside, from hackers peering into your network, looking for details on what you are working on. Overzealous fans, corporate spies, and motion picture pirates are all looking for you.

Jack Valenti, President and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) testified to Congress that America�s prized intellectual property is being looted by highly organized, violent international criminal groups. These groups are �getting rich from the high gain/low risk business of stealing America�s copyrighted works�. [the] U.S. industry alone will never have the tools to penetrate these groups or to trace the dark paths to which those profits are put,� Valenti testified.

A New Sheriff In Town
The Checkmate Intrusion Protection System� is a revolutionary device that monitors each user, looking for and stopping suspicious network activities.��Surpassing current intrusion detection systems, Checkmate applies innovative behavior-based methodologies to detect, warn, and block networks against hackers. Operating in real time on your network and invisible to network visitors, Checkmate tracks and analyzes all incoming data. Its early detection capability identifies an attack before the system is damaged. Checkmate�s breakthrough technology is functional 24 hours a day and requires little or no administrative support or maintenance.

Piracy is Not The Only Issue
Many production professionals can be lulled into a sense of safety on the studio lot or production office. But just because your production is not a finished product, that does not mean you're safe. Premature release of scripts, budgets, proposed cast lists, salaries, and production plans can cause problems before you've ever exposed your first frame of footage. Aside from the media issues caused by unwanted release of information, internal staff problems can arise and impede the creative energies of the artists and crew. Everything from the fall lineup and advertising campaigns to personal email and meeting notes are subject to a hacker's interest.  Protect your work...or your projects' debut may come sooner than you expect.

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For more information about the Checkmate solution see: www.psynapsetech.com or contact Mindstar Productions.

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