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Cinergy Scheduling

Script Breakdown Screen The Cinergy™ Scheduling module consists of Script Breakdown, Production Board, and comprehensive reporting functions.  The Script Breakdown is a visual and interactive method of completing the traditional breakdown.  Clicking on a breakdown element then simply select the breakdown category that the element belongs to.  

But the most revolutionary feature is the ability to import scripts from various programs to automatically populate the breakdown and production board.   Cinergy imports scripts written in Final Draft, Script Thing, Screenwriter 2000, Scriptware, RTF files and even plain text.  After the automatic breakdown is complete, you can continue to modify and elaborate on the breakdown data until you are satisfied with the requirements.   

Use the production board to organize scenes into your deisred shooting order, then print Call Sheets and numerous other reports to support all your pre-production needs.


If you are looking for a more traditional screen for inputting your breakdown elements then look no further because Cinergy™ offers that as well.  From the Full Breakdown window the location information, which contains a view of all the scenes that are to be shot there, the contact information, days of the shoot, fees, and a checklist that will assist production and location managers before and during the shoot at a given location

All information stored in the breakdown functions are automatically fed to the On-The-Set module so the script supervisor and production manager have access to all the pre-production information for better snap decisions on the set..

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We have all struggled from time to time to search through our day planner or a stack of sticky notes to find the phone number of one of the Cast or Crew.  Cinergy� keeps all of the Cast and Crew information organized, and integrates with the Cinergy MailCenter (an email client integrated directly into the Cinergy product).  The Cast and Crew list is an excellent example of how Cinergy� ties the entire production together.  The Cast and Crew information is accessible from the call times, production board, breakdown sheet, and other areas.  Cinergy� makes your life easier and your production more organized by giving you the information you need at your fingertips in an instant.

Production Manager Functions and Other Features

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