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Digital Shot Log Output

Why would I want to have my project file output to non-linear system logs?

  • Data Accuracy 

These logs can be directly imported into these systems and will eliminate the transcribing of your notes into these system (and the occasional mistyped information).   By keeping all of the information digital we help ensure the accuracy of the data.   

  • Time Code

For those people who capture the time code information on the set this information will be added directly to the logs so that you will be able to cue the film to the appropriate scene and take without having to manually add these marks yourself.

  • Money $$$

Time is money, especially time on a non-linear system.  What if you could dramatically cut down your time on your non-linear editing system?  How much money could you save by shaving hours off your editing time.  If you are renting the equipment then you would see an immediate cost benefit, however, even if you own the equipment then you will notice that your post production time table will shrink and that is good for everyone.


Compatible Editing Systems for Log Output

Avid Log Exchange

Avid Log Exchange


Media-100 PowerLog


Tektronix Lightworks

Tab Delimited Format

Generic Tab Delimited Format

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