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Cinergy Shot Logging

Cinergy's Shot Logging module collects organizes your information about every take, camera roll, sound roll, time code, lens, script supervision mark, and more into one convenient and easily accessible package.

Compatible with both single camera features and multi-camera sitcoms, Cinergy is the most powerful tool you can use to accurately record shot logging information.   Connect a qualified timecode reader to your system and accurately log timecodes with the press of a single button.  No longer will you need to transcribe timecodes from a hard-to-read monitor or bulky external device.  Connect a video input device to your system and you can use Cinergy Video Assist to view the camera's video tap and take continuity snapshots whenever you need one.

Don't just take our word for how much this software can help you. Check the list of Cinergy™ Shot Logging features below and see for yourself how this software will help you on the set:


More Logging Features

List of Compatible Timecode Readers (Optional)
Cinergy VideoAssist Add-On (Optional)
Flexible loging system designed to keep up with the fast-paced environment on the set
Camera roll, sound reel, lens, notes, and many more items can be quickly entered and accessed
On-Screen marking of the script alows instant overview of scene coverage
Script supervisors can become proficient in a day
Two integrated stopwatches for timing roll-to-cut and action-to-cut durations
Daily summary for quick overview of the shooting day's progress


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