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Cinergy Labor Rate Browser 
and Quarterly Labor Rates

Product Summary  

The Cinergy Labor Rate Browser is a viewer application which allows access to a database of union labor rates for use when estimating production budgets.  Rates are included for IATSE, Teamsters, DGA, SAG, AFTRA, AFM, and WGA, and for below-the-line crew in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Florida, and San Francisco.  Additionally, the database contains information related to minors, insurance requirements, fringe benefits and residual rates.

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Built in cooperation with Entertainment Publishers, Inc of Los Angeles, who has published this data in Hollywood for many years in both electronic and printed form (The Industry Labor Guide), the Cinergy Labor Rate Browser creates a new outlet for data which producers, directors, production managers, and assistant directors have grown to trust.  

For Macintosh users, the program is a standalone application which runs under the exciting new Mac OS X operating system.

For Windows users, the program is available as both a standalone program, and a plugin for use inside the highly popular Cinergy Motion Picture Production System. Current owners of the Cinergy Budgeting software receive the Labor Rate Browser program for free through the Cinergy Update Wizard online update, and only need to purchase the quarterly labor rates.   Person's not yet owning Cinergy Budgeting must purchase the standalone version of the Labor Rate Browser. 

Download a trial version, or order online to purchase a license key for the current rates or the standalone program.

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