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Cinergy Budgeting

Budget Screen Shot

The Cinergy Budgeting module  is designed to be intuitive, yet gives you the power to generate budgets for the most demanding high-dollar productions.  Template budgets from major studios are included in the base package, or you can define your own chart of accounts that corresponds to your company's accounting system.  Create equations, global variables, and fringes easily, giving you all the features necessary to plan your production's budget accurately, professionally, and at the most detailed level.

Budgeting for a union job?  Use the Cinergy Labor Rate Browser to look up rates for each position, ensuring that you have budgeted for the most current rates and fringes.   Cinergy's Labor Rate Browser includes rates for IATSE, Teamsters, DGA, SAG, AFTRA, AFM, and WGA, plus below-the-line crew for Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Florida and San Francisco.   Search for rates by job name, and automatically insert the rates into your working budget.

And if you're already using Cinergy Scheduling, pull information from the schedule directly into the budget, creating a tight integration between your shooting plan and your financial plan.

If you're looking for an easy to use and powerful budgeting package then look no further than Cinergy Budgeting.

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