The Cinergy credit image is available in the following formats.  Other formats may be requested by contacting Mindstar Technical Support: [email protected] or by calling 703/404-1100.


Conditions of Use 

The Cinergy credit image (the "Credit") may be used in the display of credits for any motion picture or production that utilized one or more of the modules of the Cinergy Motion Picture Production System during any phase of its creation.  The Credit must be used in an unaltered state, retaining the aspect ratio and coloring shown on this page, and in the images available for download.  At the discretion of the graphic artist creating the credits, the areas shown in black may be converted to transparent, provided the underlying color does not impact the ability to clearly and distinctly read the text of the Credit.  Any additioanal text surrounding the image must provide sufficient spacing to allow readability of the Credit as an independent unit, but such text must not, under any circumstances, alter the information displayed in the Credit, or convey information that could be considered slander, libel, or negative.

The Credit may also be used in printed materials promoting the motion picture or production which used it, subject to the conditions outlined in the paragraph above.   Other uses of the Credit are strictly prohibited without prior, written consent of Mindstar Productions.