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            Hollywood's favorite Motion Picture Production System comes to Bollywood

(Mumbai, November 23rd, 2002)

 In an effort to deploy manageability and control on motion picture productions, Filmatrix, has signed on as an official distributor for Mindstar Productions, USA.

 With this relationship in place, Filmatrix brings to Bollywood CINERGY Motion Picture Production System ®), an integrated suite of Windows-based applications to track motion picture production from beginning to end. It is the most powerful tool that is used in Hollywood to manage all the aspects of pre-production, production and post-production activities of a motion picture project.

 Cinergy consists of four modules:

·    Scheduling

·          Budgeting

·          Script Supervision, and

·          Post Production/Editing Feed 

Available as an integrated suite, or independent application modules, CINERGY is an indispensable tool that provides for better control, improved manageability and quick information access on a film project.

 “Keeping in view the current industry scenario, the pressure on producers to manage projects within time and cost definitions has become even  more critical”, said Nishith Takia, CEO, FILMATRIX.  He further added, “Cinergy MPPS will allow film makers and production professionals to  work in a manner that is consistent with the fast paced production environments in Hollywood”.

             According to Johnny Johnson, Mindstar's VP of Sales and Marketing, "Filmatrix's management has proven
             their ability to represent Mindstar's  products and services.  As an authorized Cinergy reseller, Filmatrix is
             positioned to provide production process management improvement to the film community in India."

             Stasi Poulos, President of Mindstar, expressed enthusiasm about the newest distributor.  "This is yet
             another way we are trying to reach the huge Indian film market with our products.  With the movements
             towards more managed productions, our products will certainly help producers keep tighter control of their
             projects, while allowing maximum creativity and flexibility for the artists."


        The full suite provides

·          Script Viewer

·          Automatic and Manual Script Breakdowns

·          Production Boards

·          Full Budget

·          Script Supervisor Notes

·          On-set Shot Logging (supports optional connection to one of several supported timecode readers)

·          Audio Log Viewer

·          Shot Log

·          Camera Roll Log

·          Integration to Avid Media Composer and Media 100

·          Timecode Calculator

The On-set  module of Cinergy is mostly a script supervisor's tool. The script can be viewed onscreen, and notes and shots can be logged according to the scene information in the original script breakdown. The script supervisor's tools allow logging of shots, scene descriptions, takes, timecode, good/no good, sound info, camera info, tail slates and much more. Each scene is essentially one record, with info on multiple takes listed in a hierarchical structure in a sub-window.

It also allows entry of Camera roll info, including processing information, film gauge and roll size in the Details section.

Graphically the software is very intuitive and user-friendly. A visually familiar Slate allows the script supervisor to quickly input shot information, just like on the regular slate. The Roll Camera button is clicked to log camera and action times, calculated automatically.

One of the very powerful features is the SuperSlate function. On the computer screen, this looks like a regular slate (or clapper board), except the scene being shot is visible in the bottom two-thirds of the screen. This allows the script supervisor to mark lines in the script that have been covered, or shot. Continuity markers can be added to help with covering or matching this shot at a later time.

For further information contact:

Mr. Nishith Takia

(m)  98691 32579



             About Filmatrix

         A company dedicated to bringing method and process in the motion picture production process, through tools
        and technologies that are some of  the best in the world.  Filmatrix has people with over 18 years of software

           About Mindstar Productions

        Headquartered in Great Falls, VA , Mindstar Productions Inc. formed in 1995, a privately held company and Avid
        Solutions Partner, is the industry  leader of end-to-end film information management solutions. Cinergy 2000
        provides Just In Time Access (JITA) to film production information through application modules for Scheduling,
        Budgeting, On The Set, and Post-Production. Mindstar's president Stasi Poulos, with over twenty years of
        filmmaking experience, leads the company on to create the film industry's first integrated production
        management system.