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Q: Can Cinergy read my script?

Yes!  One of the most exciting features of Cinergy is its ability to read a script written in Final Draft, Script Thing, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Screenwriter 2000, Scriptware, Rich Text Format (RTF) Files, and even plain text.   Importing a script allows Cinergy to automatically build a preliminary breakdown and production stripboard for you.

Q: I already have Movie Magic. Why do I need Cinergy?

Unlike Movie Magic and other products that specialize in specific aspects of production management, Cinergy™ is an integrated system. That means it can support your production from the beginning to end.   Data that you enter during pre-production is used during budgeting and on-set shot logging, and the same is true for data moving into post production.  One of the difficulties in using multiple products is transferring data between them. By using Cinergy™ all the way through a project, there is no need to transfer data.

One place this "transfer" of data is most time consuming is during shot logging before digitizing clips into a non-linear editing system. If you have logged your shots using Cinergy™ on the set, then passing this data to your editor is as simple as telling Cinergy™ Post-Production to create a file in a variety of formats compatible with popular professional editing systems.  (Avid, Media-100, and others)

Q: How long does it take to learn how to use Cinergy?

That depends on how you plan to use it. Script supervisors who start using Cinergy™ on the set can be functional in a few hours and proficient within a day. Production managers who use the script breakdown and budgeting features may take slightly longer since there are many features available. Editors will find it very easy to extract and/or print data for editing sessions.

Cinergy™ is delivered with a comprehensive user's manual that will guide you step-by-step through all the features of the software.

Q: I'm working on a film that's past pre-production. Is it too late to start using Cinergy™ on this project?

Certainly not! The shot logging features of Cinergy™ alone make purchasing the system a wise choice. So even if you're past pre-production or even already on the set, you can immediately start using Cinergy™ and taking advantage of its features.

Cinergy™ includes a special mode designed for transcribing data from hand-written script supervision sheets into the system. Obviously, if you're 15 weeks into a 16 week shooting schedule, the decision to start using the software at that point will have to be evaluated against the time it will take to transcribe all the data. In some cases, however, it will still be beneficial.

Q: If I edit using an Avid Media Composer or Media 100 NLE system, will Cinergy™ help me?

Absolutely. Cinergy™ can export data in Avid Log Exchange (ALE) or Media-100 PowerLog formats for input directly into NLE system bins. Directors notes, camera roll, sound reel, and other pertinent information are immediately entered into the system with very little work on your part. If you have previously used Cinergy™ to log non-drop frame time codes for each shot, you can immediately begin digitizing and editing.

Q: Can Cinergy™ Control my Video Deck?

Yes. Cinergy™ can control any professional-grade video deck conforming to Sony Serial Control Protocol. If you have telecine transfers of your footage, you can connect Cinergy™ to your video deck and add timecode IN and OUT points to information already logged on the set, completing the information needed by an editor using a non-linear editing system.

Q: Can Cinergy™ display video on the computer screen?

Yes.  The Cinergy™ VideoAssist module is designed to take video from the camera's video tape and display the monitor directly on your computer screen.   You can even take still snapshots at various points during shot logging for continuity purposes.  This function relies on your computer having a video input port compatible with Microsoft DirectX technology.  (Most modern video devices are compabible).  

Q: Can Cinergy™ be used on a network?

Yes.  The licensing requirements of this version of Cinergy™ require each individual user to have his/her own copy of Cinergy. Although Cinergy™ will run in a network environment, multiple users cannot access the same Cinergy™ database simultaneously.

Q: Can multiple people use Cinergy™ on the set?

Yes. The most obvious people to use the system for logging purposes are the script supervisor and sound mixer. In addition, the production manager can take advantage of the system to monitor daily progress and plan subsequent days. The key to multiple user environments is to define who is the keeper of the "master" database so that all other users can "feed" data back to that "master" user.

Q: What kinds of printouts will Cinergy™ create?

Cinergy™ will print numerous reports including the Budget, Call Sheets, Script Supervision notes, Production Reports, Shot Logs, a marked script, and many others. Mindstar Productions can also create custom reports for your company. Talk to one of our representatives about these and other special offerings. To see a list of all of the forms currently available follow this link.

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