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Full Function Production Board

Cinergy Production Board

This visual representation of the Production Board  is designed to be easy, quick, and powerful. 

  • Arranging the strips is a matter of clicking on them dragging them to the appropriate location and letting them drop into place.  You can move whole days or a single strip using this drag and drop method. 
  • The day break separators contain all of the information about the location, call times, and shoot time, advanced planning, and assigning shooting dates.
  • If you want to add a new breakdown element simply click on the production board where you want to add the element and a pop-up menu will assist you in adding the element.  
  • Multiple views are also available for displaying only a particular breakdown category or all breakdown categories. 
  • Strips are color-coded for Day/ Night and Interior/Exterior and will print in color if you have a color printer.
  • View the script and update scene descriptions directly from strips with a click of the mouse.
  • Special notation to indicate scenes already shot.
  • Horizontal and Vertical script display
  • Automatic Days feature automatically calculates required shooting days
  • Strip sorting based on criteria in the scene


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