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RUSHPLAY is a service for feature filmmakers and television producers that provides true random access to digital dailies.  It saves time and money, and promotes creative collaboration.  Starting with a film transfer to any HD format, or directly from HD camera masters, footage is encoded to a portable digital format.

RUSHPLAY incorporates an intuitive, easy to use interface, giving access to an imported ALE file from Telecine or the Cinergy MPPS software.

This system eliminates:

  • work picture printing

  • 35mm mag transfers

  • the syncing of dailies by an assistant editor

  • the staff position of a dailies location projectionist

  • a 35mm film projection system (pic and track) for screenings

Hi-Definition Flowchart (Pictured Below)
Film Flowchart


For Quotation or Demonstration please contact:

HOLLYWOOD: Steven B. Cohen, Cohen Communications
323-464-1805, email: steven@cohencomm.net
BURBANK: Gene Duggan, Plus8
818-845-6480, email: gene_d@plus8video.com
NEW YORK CITY: John Fishburn, Plus8
212-947-9797, email: johng@plus8video.com
VANCOUVER: Michael Shugrue, Plus8
604-988-7181, email: michael_s@plus8video.com

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