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Cinergy Labor Rates Installation & Registration
General Information
The Cinergy Labor Rate Browser is installed in 2 parts.  The first part is the installation of the Labor Rate Browser program which is pre-loaded with a small sample labor rates database.   The second part is the installation of the most recently available rates.  Without the second part, you will only have access to the small sample labor rates database.

The Cinergy Labor Rates Browser program is already installed if you have purchased and installed any of the following items: Cinergy Budgeting, Cinergy Scheduling, Cinergy On-The-Set, or Cinergy Post-Production.   If you have installed any of these, then you only need to download the latest rates, you will not need to install the Labor Rates Browser program, only the new rates database.

Alternately, if you wish to only install the standalone Labor Rates Browser program, without installing any of the above listed modules, you may download the installer for the Standalone Labor Rates Browser program.   Both programs are identical, except that one runs from inside the Cinergy Budgeting software, while the standalone version can run on its own, without Cinergy being present.


Section 1: Installation
1.  Install the Cinergy software or the Labor Rate Browser software
You may skip this step if you have previously installed Cinergy or the standalone Labor Rates Browser.
You must install the Cinergy software before you can begin the registration process.   Insert the CD-ROM, or if you downloaded the software from the web, run the install program. You must complete the installation before moving on to the next steps.  During the installation, you may be asked to reboot your computer.  Be sure to do that before proceeding with any more steps.

If you have not yet downloaded the program, then get it here.
2. Download the latest Labor Rates Database
If you haven't already done so, download the installer for the latest labor rates database.
When prompted by the browser, tell it that you want to save the file to disk. The RateDataSetup.exe file may be saved into any folder on your hard drive, and will only be required during the setup. It can be deleted in a later step to preserve disk space. 
3.  Install the Latest Rates
Use your "My Computer" icon, or Windows Explorer, to find the file you saved in Step 2 above. Double click on RateDataSetup.exe   Follow the on-screen instructions.  The most important part of this step is to select the proper destination folder for your labor rates. You MUST select the same folder where the core Cinergy software was installed in Step #1.
Section 2: Registration
1. Launch your installed Cinergy Labor Rate Browser program
Click on the Windows START menu, then clicking on PROGRAMS > CINERGY > LABOR RATE BROWSER
2. Locate your Installation ID and Serial Number(s)   >> See Example.
The Installation ID is found on the Registration screen, and on the Help > About screen. If you made your purchase online, you will not have a serial number yet.   But, if you purchased a boxed version from a retail store, be sure to locate the serial number sheet contained inside your Cinergy software box.
3. Send your Installation ID and Serial Number to Mindstar Technical Support
The Installation ID can by highlighted, and cut & pasted into an email, or into MSN Instant Messenger.  The Installation ID is required, but the serial number is only required if you purchased a boxed version from a retail store.
Email can be sent to support@MindstarProds.com
MSN Instant Messages can be sent to MSN screen name: Cinergy2000@MindstarProds.com
4. Check for reply from Mindstar Technical Support
A serial number and license key number for each registered module will be emailed to you within 24 hours, after Technical Support confirms the validity of the Installation ID and Serial Number you sent.
5. Enter your Serial Numbers and License Keys into Cinergy   >> See Example.
Launch the Cinergy software.  If the "Trial Time Remaining" screen appears, click on the button labeled "Register".   If the "Trial Time Remaining" screen did not appear, just click on Special > Register Cinergy Modules in the Cinergy main menubar.   Enter the codes you were sent into the appropriate locations, then click "Register"
6. Expired Rates even after you have registered?
Your labor rates may display a message that says the expiration date on your labor rates has passed. Just click on the OK button to proceed into the Labor Rates program. The message about expiration dates is simply a notice that some of the rates have expired. If you purchased the rates close to the end of a quarter, you will be sent an email when new rates are available. But the message does not prevent you from using the rates in any way.



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